Thoughts on the Skulpt Chisel

I ran across the folks from Skulpt at CES this morning. You may recall Skulpt from a previous brief mention here a couple of years ago. That first generation device was a success and now they are out promoting their newer improved device, now called the Skulpt Chisel. Having already met their initial Indiegogo goal they know the demand exists and they were here at CES showing off the Chisel even as their crowdfunding campaign winds down in its final hours over the next couple of days.

The Skulpt products follow the theory of tracking results, not activity. They claim to do this by individually measuring the fat percentage and muscle quality of up to 24 major muscles (think abs, quads, hammys, calves, etc).

Skulpt can also give you an overall body fat percentage by averaging readings on just the triceps, abs, and quads. In talking to the Skulpt staff they stand solidly behind the accuracy and reliability of their proprietary electrical impedance myography technology. Their EIM method sends tiny amounts of current through your muscle and fat tissues to come up with various measurements and graphic representations of your muscle fitness. The graphic below shows their claims of performance compared to the other methods in use. They still bow to the gold standards of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, but as they point out, they are a lot more convenient and far less expensive for the average home user. And of course they are a lot less painful than a properly administered skin pinch test.

I suspect that we don’t have many pure body-builder types here on the blog, but I think the real value to the average DCR reader would be the ability to measure the symmetry, or lack thereof, between your right and left legs for instance. Or, extreme imbalances between your front and back leg muscles as another example. And of course we all would be interested in how well our abs are measuring up.

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