Roli Seaboard Rise 25

Roli Seaboard Rise 25, USB MIDI-Controller with 25 Keywaves keys/pads, combines the intimacy of acoustic instruments with the thomann versatility of electronic music, new dimensions of touch interaction, use with a variety of software and hardware synthesisers as well as the equator bundle included with rise, simulate the authentic dynamic range of any instrument, personalise patches using the touch- sensitive trackpad and thomann faders, create new sonic possibilities by mapping sound parameters to unique gestures, perform and record tracks with subtile and sensual details that previously required post-production, built-in midi over bluetooth with up to 8 hours of continuous play, touch and shape sound timbres in thomann an astonishingly direct and intuitive way, specifications: 25 keywaves, continuous pedal input (6,3 mm jack), usb b port (midi out and power), usb a port (for charging peripherals), 9-12v 2a dc port, internal battery, full midi compatibility over usb and Bluetooth, bundled with thomann equator, the world’s first purpose-built, multi-dimensional software synthesiser, incl. soft case, system requirements: os x 108+ / windows 7+ / ios 7+, intel core i5 25ghz or faster recommended, 4 gb ram minimum / 8 gb ram recommended, 2 gb available disk space thomann for equator installation, usb 20+ port for usb compatibility, dimensions: 505 x 210 x 22,86 mm, weight: 2,8 kg

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