LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner Review

I have not owned a printer or a scanner for an embarrassing number of years. You would think a guy who works in the tech and multimedia industries would at least borrow a clue. Nope! Instead I do things the obscure way, like emailing files to the wife’s job for her to graciously print, using digital signage tools to digitally sign documents on my iPad or PC and using the Genius Scan iPhone app, which utilizes an iPhone’s camera as a scanner. Resourceful? Yes! More practical than buying an all-in-one wifi scanner/printer/copier/faxer/hot Panini prepper? God NO!

Yet just when I resign myself to normalcy–reaching for the wallet to do what reasonable people do–LG hits us up with this thing. A mouse scanner, no less! I bring you, the LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner. It’s a fully functional mouse by day. But with the click of a button, the LG Mouse Scanner becomes…well , a mouse that can scan documents and images up to A3 size–and not just at night. But you probably figured that part out. It works as advertised and is a really handy tool for a number of situations, albeit a bit pricey.

The mouse pad comes with a transparent plastic sheet that acts almost like a front cover to the mouse pad. Slip a small document, business card or picture under the sheet and its held in place while you move the scanner over the mouse pad, for more stable use. Click the Scan button and you are presented with a familiar looking preview page, where you can select the true area of the document you want for the final scan. It’s that simple.

More info http://www.gadgetreview.com/



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