Fund This : Gadget for a faster and magsafe like mobile charging experience

Our mobile’s consume a ton of battery power and multiple times, on top of which we deal with slow charging speeds, frayed cables, broken phone sockets, smashed phones while tripping over cables. A simple charging cable deals with these many problems.

Let me introduce Mu Connect a small gadget which does a lots of work. Its a add-on to your USB cable which provides you data sync and faster charging. In addition its innovative design adds value to the gadget. It has a kind of magnetic thing which adds easier experience while plugging into charger .

This gadget has basically 2 parts : the Pin and Connector. The Pin is the one which goes into your mobile’s USB slot and your charger / cable is connected to the Connector part which does the main job. It has a LED notification bulb and it is the one enables faster charging , data sync and the magnetic experience.

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