Everything you need to know about Android Pay

With Android Pay, you can start leaving your wallet behind, as anyone with a compatible device can pay for goods and services with a simple tap of their phone against a compatible point-of-sale terminal with near-field communication (NFC). Here’s everything you need to know about Android Pay, including the places and banks that support it.

If there’s a usability barrier to Android Pay, it’s finding retailers that accept it. That’s not a surprise, exactly, given brick-and-mortar stores’ slow adoption of contactless payments. Payments research firm Let’s Talk Payments estimates that only about 1.3 million out of roughly 13.9 million terminals in the U.S. support NFC — but it’s nonetheless annoying when you’re trying to find a smoothie joint that’ll let you tap and pay. Thankfully, Android Pay may be getting an update that’ll alleviate that issue once and for all: a map of nearby NFC terminals.

If unpublished code in version 1.4 of the Android Pay app is anything to go by, Google’s payment client will soon gain the ability to show, in an overhead map view, NFC-equipped payment terminals nearby. They will show up as brightly colored markers within a Google Maps interface, indicating clearly which retailers and restaurants within walking distance accept Android Pay.

That’s not all that will be part of a future Android Pay app update. The app is adding integration with greater London’s public transit authority, Transport for London. Users who choose to link their accounts will be able to budget their travel spending, review individual trip expenses, and view a map of the stops they’ve taken between bus and tube stations.

Loyalty signups, too, are set to gain improvements. Work-in-progress code points to the addition of streamlined account creation for third-party merchants, which means you’ll be able to sign up for a loyalty program within the Android App without having to enter your contact details.

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