Huawei matebook hands-on impressions

When most techies hear the name Huawei, they think about intriguing high-end phones like the Mate 8 and Nexus 6P. They certainly don’t think about computing. That’s about to change.

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung, Huawei is launching its first-ever 2-in-1 tablet PC, which it showcased at Mobile World Congress in February. The MateBook is an incredibly slim Windows 10 tablet that connects to a nifty little keyboard folio case and a stylus — and it’s coming to the U.S. on July 11.

Here are our early impressions from MWC of Huawei’s first foray into the mobile computing world.

A killer tablet that’s also a PC

The first thing we noticed when Huawei brought out the MateBook in its keyboard folio case was how incredibly thin the entire package was. It’s a mere 6.9mm thick; we put the iPhone 6 next to it and saw that they were almost equally thin. Given the incredibly high-powered specs inside the thin tablet and the large battery it houses, it’s a huge accomplishment. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S Pro is ever so slightly slimmer at 6.3mm, but the MateBook weighs less at 640 grams versus the Galaxy’s 693 grams.

Huawei used its special heat-dissipation technology to create a fanless design, and the result is a gorgeous tablet that actually looks like a tablet. When it’s separated from the keyboard, it looks more or less like an iPad with a Huawei logo on the back. Its sleek aluminum body feels sturdy and seamless. The MateBook comes in champagne or “Space Graphite,” which sounds — and looks — an awful lot like Apple’s Space Gray color option.

Regardless of the comparisons, Huawei’s MateBook shines as a tablet. Much like Samsung’s TabPro S, it’s a truly mobile-first product, which may not please PC purists. For them, there’s the Surface Pro 4. For the mobile-first computing generation, there’s the Samsung’s TabPro S and the Huawei MateBook.

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Read more:
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